Microsoft Outlook Fix Tool

Outlook Fix Toolbox parses corrupted *.PST and *.OST files of Microsoft Outlook format and repairs the data when it is possible. This application may also convert *.OST files to *.PST ones. The Microsoft Outlook fix tool can restore the data from damaged *.PST files of ANSII format for all supported versions of Microsoft Outlook, including Microsoft Outlook 97,98,2000,2002 and XP. Outlook Fix Toolbox provides the recovery of *.PST files supporting the Unicode format for Microsoft Outlook 2003,2007 and 2010. The Microsoft Outlook pst fix tool repairs very large files of more than 2Gb, reads corrupted *.OST files of all available versions, converts *.OST files into *.PST ones of Microsoft Outlook format.

Microsoft Outlook PST Fix Tool

You may also save the data as separate *.MSG and *.EML files. The Microsoft Outlook 2007 pst fix application suggests the recovery of various formats, including plain text, RTF and HTML. This program recovers attached files, attached objects, repairs contacts from corrupted *.PST files, retrieves notes, calendars, notifications from affected *.PST files. Owing to the Microsoft Outlook 2003 fix pst service you may fix errors after the process of scanpst.exe execution and restore the folder structure and its types as well. You may easily convert the data into several PST files of specified format. Outlook Fix Toolbox provides the recovery of password-protected PST files and decrypts encrypted and unencrypted *.OST and *.PST files.

Microsoft Outlook 2003 Fix PST

All folders and objects can be restored separately including the support of drag & drop operations. The Microsoft 2003 Outlook fix pst file provides an easy and friendly interface and a data recovery Wizard as well. Outlook Fix Toolbox is compatible with any version of Microsoft Windows operating system, including Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, Me, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Please note that you should not have the Microsoft Outlook email client, installed on your PC to start. Get free version of Outlook 2007 fix pst file and recover your email folders in a minute.

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Outlook 2007 fix PST file

Microsoft 2003 Outlook fix PST file
Microsoft Outlook 2007 PST fix

Note: The software team development of Outlook Fix Toolbox is distributed under Try-Before-Buy license that does not belong to GNU General Public License (GPL) or something like that. Our software development team has invested a lot of time and efforts into making it a remarkably efficient product and we have no intention to distribute it as a free tool. Despite it is not freeware, free version of Outlook Fix Toolbox have a Free DEMO version for anyone. Please note Outlook Fix Toolbox is not open source program or free software so you should donate to the professional team development of to remove all limitations and keep on using this program for as long as you need.


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